Athletic performance is the efforts made by an athlete to attain maximal performance over a period. EQ Coaches will provide consultations in strength training, sports psychology, and nutrition to help you prevent injury and achieve your maximal athletic performance.

  • Appropriately periodic strength and conditioning sessions will incorporate resistance training specific to sport and individualized to your need.
  • Optimal athletic performance will be achieved through education in sport psychology including mental imaging, centering, and life-balance coaching.
  • Most importantly, nutrition education will help you understand appropriate balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for optimal performance in your specific sport.

Optimal athletic performance is achieved when all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit are running on all cylinders. This is what we call gaining a Competitive Edge!


Strength and Conditioning Helps Prevent Injury: strength training will help protect you from preventable injuries by improving body mechanics, strengthening tendons and ligaments, and reducing any muscle imbalances, which are some of the main causes of injury.

Participating in Sports Enhances Your Mood: endorphins are released during an effective workout. As you are practicing your sport and training for competition your endorphins are flowing. This will elevate your mood and allow you to deal with stressful scenarios much easier.

Strength and Conditioning Works to Make Your Body Stronger:  when your core, arms, and legs are strong, you will be able to transfer energy to the rest of the muscle. This means jumping higher and recovering quicker.

Hydrated Muscles Function Better Than Dehydrated Muscles:  you need to be hydrated for optimal performance. Performance declines with as little as 2 to 3 percent decrease in body weight from water (sweat) loss. You should drink a water bottle throughout the day before competition (24 oz), during (10-12 oz) and after (32 oz).

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