In The ARENA, student-athletes explore connections between skills learned in sports and stem. We nurture innovative mindsets and encourage student-athletes to think creatively. You develop soft skills that are transferrable from the classroom to the court, to careers! 

YOU engage in…

Problem-solving that requires you to quickly work to make sense of problems as they are presented and work productively to propose real solutions.

Creativity that requires you to propose solutions to problems through multiple approaches. You learn to embrace mistakes and failed attempts as positive experiences that provide deeper learning.

Inquiry based learning that requires you to be the driver of solutions! You are encouraged to ask questions, propose ideas, generate, and test solutions, and make decisions based on data. 

Critical Thinking that requires you to analyze information, evaluate designs, reflect on your thinking, synthesize new ideas, and propose creative solutions. 

Collaboration that allows you to work in teams to take on BIG CHALLENGES.  

 A report by the National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte says that the US will have to fill 3.5 million STEM jobs by 2025, with more than 2 million of them going unfilled because of the lack of highly skilled candidates in demand.

Features of The Arena Include:

  • Brand new facility and equipment
  • Instruction in cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship by experienced teachers
  • Students-centered, teacher-supported approach that promotes an interactive exchange of ideas.
  • Hands on exploration

The rules of engagement are SIMPLE:


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